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The deep end

Emotions. I'm becoming sick of them. Not just in some pitiful "I just want to be numb to the world's evil's" sort of thing. But the thing is I can't help but get their point. Whiny as it is. I'm still here, I'm still seeing, and I'm still tired. The same things follow the last, mere visions with the past haunting me at every corner, even around the new ones. Its still too much, but there still isn't much to do about it.

And even this, I've done this before. The record wants to shut off but I feel like the needle still scratches even when the motor's gone off.

No Internet!

I have lost computer access yet again and it is as always infinitely annoying. Anyhow, I've managed to show up at the library now and then to get on there for a bit. Can't really seem to get too much done though and that's bugging me. Anywho...I'll be back in action soon I hope.

~ "Ahh! The worms." ~

Lost in Translation

I need the books on my booklist. I'm dying to read them, but I haven't the money to buy any of them. I hope to possibly get at least one this week but I probably won't have the money. Or I won't be able to choose WHICH one, or once I do choose one book I won't be able to find it, and then my whole fucking week will be ruined. So...yeah. I suppose I just had to get that out. Blake's 7 season one is finally being uploaded onto Youtube and I'm ecstatic. XD 

News and such....

So I went ahead and made a journal to post all of my writings in. It can be located here, the_window_room. I'm in the middle of four seperate fics now and I just can't concentrate on any of them. It's really aggravating me. My book list has grown and I don't have enough money to get them all from Amazon. That's annoying also. 


 I can no longer enjoy one of my fave past times. My job has destroyed the wonderful hobby. So now, I will be forced to find new hobbies. My brother suggested I start working out. He says it's addicting. I happen to think he's insane. Though I would love to have some sexy rock hard abs. But that would be all too hard. I don't know. I may try it. I don't have anything better to do I suppose. I just hate getting up in the morning. The fan keeps moving my papers against each other. It's really bugging me.
 I must be strongly lacking in vitamins or something. I was sick again this weekend. Lasted for a shorter amount of time, but my god! Honestly, I hate getting sick. I'm used to having an immune system forged from steel. And a stomach that matches. I'll spare you the spewing details, just know-it wasn't pleasent. In further news, I finished reading God Is Dead by Ron Currie, jr. I really, quite enjoyed the whole book. I'm still not entirely sure I understand all of it. But I did like it. Pick it up at your local book nook. It's worth the read. 

Also, I went to a thrift store today before work. I found a Melanie Safka record in perfect condition, and the casing has only a tiny bit of damage to the cover. I also got Elton John's greatest hits. It has the Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, that he re-did. I also got a Carl Perkins album, and one from Joan Baez. I'm not sure how much I like her, but I figured what the hell, for fifty cents, I'll give her a listen-see. I got another record but I forgot what it was. Behind the counter, on a shelf, they had a Beatles record they are selling for 100.00. I'm sure it can't be worth that much, it's not a rare one, and it isn't even one of their albums. It's something with someone talking about the beginning of Beatlemania, and the songs that started Beatlemania. So this can't be a really rare album. I'm sure I've seen it on ebay, and all of my other ACTUAL Beatles records, I paid very little for on Ebay. The verison I have of Revolver is rare, and is in perfect condition. The case is a little damaged but I only paid 12 bucks! I mean that's insane. Anyways, if I had the money, maybe I'd buy it. But I don't, and actually I would rather get the White Album, that one is harder to get on record. I was so close to getting Abbey Road one night. 

~ Don't eat me!!!!~

Apr. 24th, 2008

I'm done being sick. I was deathly ill, but now I'm fine. The flu is the devil. Also, I'm getting really annoyed with the add on LJ's front page about Ashlee Simpson. Who cares if she's pregnant and not engaged? So she joined the ranks of 100's maybe 1000's of other idiot girls flooding this country. At least she can afford to raise hers. Not that that makes it any better. Or that the kid will turn out any better. Take a moment, and weep for the future of this country. It's all going down the tubes man.

~Music is the only thing that makes sense anymore. 
  Play enough, and it keeps the demons at bay.~ Jojo


 I simply do not have all the time in the world. My other half needs to show up soon. Some new and interesting one nighters need to pop up too. But really, you can only entertain yourself with those for so long. The problem, is the lack of interesting people. Isn't that always the problem though?

~Windowscreen "Guys have a prostate. Girls gave a g-spot. That's it."
      Me " That's a great typo. I'm saving it.~


 The complete monotonous drone that's surrounding my life right now is becoming really hideous. I hate posting in here when I have nothing worth posting.  Anyhow, I just finished this huge scrapbook of Abbey Road. It took me 3 weeks. But I finished it. And it came out beautifully. I'm a little sad that I have to send it away but hopefully QueeOfSpades will like it. The swap idea was awesome. It really gives you something to look forward to. I think I may start posting my novel on here. Since I have nothing better to write. But I'm not sure. Cross word puzzles are great. everyone should play them. And with that thought, I leave you.

~The snake comes afterwards.~



Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

~William Butler Yeats.~


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